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About Valentina Benigni Photographer : professional photographer

Photo by Milena Perdriel

About me

Who am I? 

My name is Valentina, I'm Italian, I've been based in France for a few years and in Nîmes since the end of 2020. 

Where does your passion for photography come from? 

Around the age of 5, when I stole a film camera from my parents. A passion that evolved over the years, adapting to life's many changes, but only turned into a job in December 2020, in the midst of a pandemic. 

What is my approach to photography?

My photographic approach takes up the literal meaning of the word "photography": writing with light.

I began photography with silver cameras, and despite the evolution of technology, my approach hasn't changed. I adapt the camera's 3 key parameters (ISO, depth of field and shutter speed) to capture unique moments, letting my creativity express itself during the shoot.

I love movement, as an expression of change, the unpredictability of life, evolution, the need to adapt, the need for balance.

I love light as a source of energy, hope, strength, passion, faith and inspiration, but I also love shadow as a source of contrast, intensity, comparison and depth.

I love sincere emotions, spontaneous moments, intense moments.

Why Fine Art Photography?  

I see Fine Art Photography as the translation of my photographic approach: I don't just capture a moment, I translate it into the language of emotions. It's a natural process for me, one that I don't prepare in advance, but let flow at the moment of shooting. 

An fine art photograph has the power to let the viewer and his or her imagination travel: I like the idea that my photographs can be read differently depending on who is looking at them.

Why so much dance photography?
Because I've always been passionate about dance. I started ballet at the age of 4, then contemporary dance. And then, over 15 years later, the injury that changed everything. 
There's no dance show I'm not passionate about, no music I don't choreograph to.

But today I can no longer dance with my body, so here I am, dancing through my eye, to capture all the emotions that resonate so strongly within me. 

Why corporate photography?

Before making a living from photography, I studied at business school and built a career in major consulting firms, rising to the rank of senior manager. 

My 11-year career taught me a lot about how a company works, and today I capitalize on this experience in my work as a photographer: whether I'm photographing portraits, your products, your corporate events or the decoration of your premises, the key word is "to highlight your profession, your company and your uniqueness".

The opinion of my clients

The photo shoot with Valentina was very pleasant! We explored many places in Nîmes, all with a certain cachet. Valentina was able to take advantage of and highlight both the historic places of the city but also our postures or dancers' jumps. The rendering is magnificent! She knew how to play on the contrasts between lights, shadows and movements, for unique shots. This was my first experience with Valentina, but won't be my last! Thank you again for your sympathy and the climate of serenity and confidence that you installed throughout this day.

Marina L.

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