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Limited edition art photo book on flamenco dance: a selection of 80 art photos captured during flamenco shows in Spain and France

LUZ FLAMENCA is my first Fine Art photo book on flamenco dance and aims to bring together a selection of my limited-edition, signed and numbered fine art photographs, which have already been the subject of art exhibitions. 

This book was born of a desire to enhance the art of flamenco dance by capturing the emotions and the magical, brilliant light emitted by great artists from the Spanish and French scenes.   

Each page tells stories of emotions, releasing their light and rhythm to the magical notes of flamenco music: stories of strength, fragility, pain, sensitivity, sensuality, contrast, pride, energy, passion, understanding, change... 
A voyage of flamenco discovery in which we recognize the universal language of our emotions, expressed through dance.  

All photographs were taken between 2020 and 2022. 

Thanks to all the artists for their talent and for letting me immortalize their flamenco light.

And thank you to all the theaters, festivals and cultural organizations in France and Spain that have allowed me to capture these photographs.

example of visual from the LUZ FLAMENCA art photo book
example of visual from the LUZ FLAMENCA art photo book

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