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I practiced ballet and contemporary dance for almost 20 years, before an injury prevented me from continuing.

My passion for dance came back to life through the photographic lens, but more generally for cultural events on stage. 

Capturing the moment, seizing the right moment, sublimating movement, but also adapting to the conditions of a show: no flash, stage lights, often complicated location, etc. I know how to be discreet while ensuring that key moments are well captured.

Event photo session
Artist photo book session
portrait of a dancer artist
flamenco artist portrait for a professional artist book
artist portrait

Personal Branding is a Crucial Part of Success, whether you are a lawyer, fashion designer or artist.

As artists, you represent your art and, therefore, your personal brand characterizes and distinguishes you from others (feel free to read my blog postPersonal Branding for Dancers).

Creating an artist book allows you to introduce yourself and show your talent, but also your personality and your uniqueness. 

music show photo session
live show photo session
professional photo report session of a concert
portrait artist guitarist

As professionals in the performing arts (theater, dance company, orchestra, etc.), promoting your shows is essential to strengthen your offer and your professional image.

Powerful images add value to your shows and speak easily to your customers. 

Book a photo shoot to capture your shows: these moments help to promote your cultural space or your creation as an artist, reinforce your professional image and aid commercial communication.

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