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In summer 2023 I decided to start taking part in international photography competitions.

A decision that required me to step out of my comfort zone, to test myself in several areas:

firstly, to choose a theme that would correspond to a series of my photos, create a link between them and tell their story. A far more difficult exercise than finding a title for a photo, and above all more intimate and deeper. Putting words to my photos, managing to explain their story and their roots in me. 

And then there's the matter of having my art, my passion and my work judged by internationally recognized professional photographers. 

But I love getting out of my comfort zone, learning and experiencing things that can enrich my personal and professional development. 

And with great emotion and surprise, the results of the first competitions arrived: prizes and awards that encouraged me to keep improving.

New York Photography Awards


My fine art photo series "Emotions to the beat of flamenco" won second place in the following 2 categories:

Black & White Photography - Fine Art

Fine Art Photography - Minimalism

and honorable mention in the following 3 categories:

Fine Art Photography - Abstract

New York Photography - black & white

New York Photography - Fine Art

It was a great pleasure and honor to be selected from among the 6,000 photographers from 55 countries who took part in this year's New York Photography Awards!


My series of fine art photos entitled "Emotions beating at flamenco rhythm" received an honorable mention in the Fine Art Conceptual category of the Neutral Density Photography Awards!

It's a great pleasure and honor to receive this award at such an important international photography competition, which has been held in Beverly Hills for the past 10 years.

honorable mention at ND photography awards
black & white spider awards


3 photos from my series "Emotions beating at flamenco rhythm" have been selected as finalists in 3 different categories of the international B&W Spider Awards!

It was a great pleasure and honor to be selected from among the 6200 photographers from 69 countries who took part in this 18th edition of the competition, which has been held in Los Angeles for the past 18 years.

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