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Photography for professionals is of essential use in corporate communication because it represents the brand, the values of the company and its distinctive characteristics .
Whether a business or a freelancer, the goal of photography is to highlight your brand image and your strengths as a professional.

Before becoming a professional photographer, I supported large companies in their strategy and digital innovation for more than 10 years. A career as a senior executive which allowed me to learn a lot about the importance of photography to enhance the brand image and values of the company.

Today I am capitalizing on this experience to listen to you, to understand what drives you, what image you want to convey to translate it into images that enhance your brand.

Highlight your image as a professional and strengthen your brand identity with portrait, event and reporting photo sessions for your company.

Offer yourself a personalized photo session to enhance your profession. The most striking photos can be printed and displayed in your premises, thus creating a tailor-made decoration which will be 100% tax free.⁣

Photo sessions
example of photos taken for professionals: portraits, corporate photos, event reporting, personalized art photos
Deductible fine art photo prints
example of photos taken for entertainment professionals: artist portraits, photo reports of live shows, concerts and dance
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