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Before making a living from photography, I studied at business school and built a career in major consulting firms, rising to the rank of senior manager. 

My 11-year career taught me a great deal about how a company works, and today I capitalize on this experience in my work as a photographer: a photograph represents your brand image, your values and those of your company.

It has to attract your customers, make them understand who you are and why they chose you. 



Whether it's portrait photography, product photography, corporate event photography or decorating your premises, the key word is "highlight your profession, your company and your uniqueness".

Corporate photo session
Professional portrait photo session
Corporate photo session -Valentina Benigni-68.jpg
Portrait dirigeant - Valentina Benigni Photographer-108.jpg
Corporate session - Valentina Benigni Photographer-54.jpg

A portrait photo shoot for enhance your professional image that represents you and makes you proud of yourself!

Your professional portrait must say more than your image, because it is the first business card for your customers and prospects. My approach will guide you to enhance your brand image, your values and what makes you unique

A session to capture your premises or your products to enhance your offer : website, brochures, posters, etc. 

Photographs to highlight your brand and the values of your activity, to attract your customers!

Event photo session
Corporate event photo session
Corporate event photoshoot
professional event photo report

Corporate events are not only moments for networking, but also for consolidating professional relationships and building customer and employee loyalty, and photographs are essential for effective communication. My approach is to be invisible to you in order to capture the essence of your events, highlighting professionalism and highlights, without limiting participants.
A photo shoot to immortalize your company's most important moments:

opening events, end-of-year events, team-building weekends...

these moments contribute to employee bonding, leave their mark on your company's history, strengthen your brand image, and help your communication. 

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