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Personalized photography workshop

Are you looking for a totally personalized workshop?

We can arrange a program  tailor-made adapted to your level and your needs.

The workshop can be planned on the date and at the time of your choice according to my availability :-)  

The workshop can take place anywhere in France or abroad  : maximum flexibility and customization  !

Book a telephone appointment  totally free  with me and we will discuss your project and your workshop


Fille avec appareil photo

Who is he talking to ?
The workshop is designed for
  those who :

- wants to learn different techniques in different areas

- want a personalized follow-up that takes into account their current level and their learning objectives

- want to be followed step by step, without distractions or other people present during the course

What are you going to learn?

It's up to you ! The program will be totally personalized and designed for you, based on  :

- your current level of knowledge

- Your photographic equipment

- Your learning goals

Where to start from?
Contact me: during a
  first meeting we can discuss your specific needs and define a tailor-made offer.

Preconditions :
- All levels
- All reflex, bridge, hybrid and compact expert cameras are accepted. Smartphones are also accepted.

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