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When we talk about artworks, we think more naturally of painting or sculpture, but less so of photography. 
Indeed, it's assumed (it's true) that photography is reproducible, but after all, isn't even a sculpture made with a mold a work of art? 
Well, the question has been answered, and here's some useful information: 


Definition of a Work of Art:

Under French law, works of art are defined as "photographs whose proofs are executed either by the artist, or under his control or that of his successors in title, and are signed by the artist or authenticated by himself or his successors in title, and numbered within the limit of thirty copies in all formats and media. All posthumous prints must be legibly marked as such on the back. (decree no. 95-172 of February 17, 1995). 

So, to put it simply: all photographs taken by the artist, printed by him or under his control, signed and numbered up to a limit of thirty copies, all formats and media combined. 

This type of "art" or "original" print is in contrast to the reproduction print. The latter is not considered a work of art. It is a commercial product with an unlimited edition, signed and numbered. These are known as "unlimited prints" and do not have the same value, but they do have the advantage of being sold at reduced prices. 


In my case, all the art photographs exhibited are produced in limited editions, signed and numbered to a maximum of 10 copies in all formats.


Signature and marking: 

As in "traditional" art, the signature on the piece (whether unique or limited edition) is of the utmost importance. An original must include the artist's signature, date and number within the print run.


What guarantee do I have when buying an fine art photograph?

All works of art purchased will be delivered with a secure certificate of authenticity (registered certificate number and QR code for traceability) and security labels.

A certificate of authenticity is required to establish that a work of art is genuine and has been created by the artist selling it. To be valid, the certificate of authenticity must include a number of compulsory details.

certificate of authenticity
secured paper

The A4 security paper features 15 security levels, making it completely forgery-proof and non-reproducible.

A hologram sticker of this type cannot be scanned or photographed, so it cannot be fraudulently reproduced, which in principle guarantees its inviolability.

tamper-proof holographic label
exposition d'une sélection de photos d'art à tirage limitée dans une galerie d'art à Arles dans le programme off du Festival des Rencontres de la Photographie 2021
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