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"Capturing the rhythm of emotions" is the perfect synthesis of my photographic approach.
All emotions create a rhythm within us that is reflected in our eyes, our smile and our posture.

I propose a gentle approach that will make you forget the camera, 

I'll help you bring out the beautiful emotions that are inside you

that you'll love to see again in your photos.

Above all, I want you to have a good time, without the stress of being photographed.

Portrait photo shooting
personal portrait of a woman - Valentina Benigni Photographer
Personal portrait photo session - individual

A photo session to enhance your image,

to mark an important moment for you,

to celebrate yourself...


Couple photo shooting
Couple photo shooting
Couple photo - outdoor session

A romantic photo session to stop time,

look each other in the eyes,

and share an intimate moment, which speaks about you

and your love...

Event photo shooting
Event photo shooting
Event photo shooting

A photo session to capture

the emotions of your personal and important events,

to relive them an infinite number of times,

with the same intensity as that day.

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