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Photography  is of essential use in corporate communication, as it represents the brand, the company's values and its distinctive features
Whether a company, freelancer or artist, the aim of photography is to highlight key points as a professional

I also bring different skills to the table: for professionals, I capitalize on my professional experience of over 10 years in a consulting firm where, as a senior executive, I supported major companies in their search for innovative solutions. The basis is always listening, to understand what drives you, what image you want to convey and translate it into images that enhance your brand. 

For artists, I draw on my almost 20 years of dance experience, which has taught me to know the stage, follow the rhythm and photograph at the right moment, without getting in the way of the show or stage constraints.

example of photos taken for professionals: portraits, corporate photos, event reporting, personalized art photos
Entertainment professionals
example of photos taken for entertainment professionals: artist portraits, photo reports of live shows, concerts and dance
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